Gift Guide 2021: 10 Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses

Gift Guide 2021: 10 Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses

Sonderlier — for the Sustainable Fashionista (who values comfort)

Meet the Founder: Xi Chen

Sit in the City — for the Meditation & Self-discovery Enthusiast

Meet the Founder: Kim Genkinger

#GIRLGETAFTERIT — for the Go-Getter & Wellness Lover

Meet the Founder: Cassidy Wendell

The Beem Box — for the Make-up & Beauty Connoisseur

Meet the Founder: Nimi Fafowora

Spirit Horse Vineyards — for your Favorite Wine-o

Meet the Founder: Heather Rader

Flight Fillow — for all Travel-lovers

Meet the Founder: Georgia Wilson

Malibu Apothecary — for those who appreciate Clean Luxury

Meet the Founder: Claire Ellis

The WOW Series Membership— for the Leader & Change-maker

Meet the Founder: Abigail Gibbons

Noble Sands — for the Heart-centered Traveler or Friend

Meet the Founder: Julie Habelmann

The BRA Network — for the Impact-Driven Entrepreneur

  • Personalized profile landing page in the BRA Member Directory; inclusion in up to 3 relevant categories
  • Promotional campaign featuring you and your brand
  • One dedicated social media post — Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and in IG Stories
  • Featured in The Underwire, the monthly newsletter
  • One month session of Wisdom Wednesday; an action-orientated online accountability and networking forum exclusive to Members.
  • Access to BRA Network’s online community comprised of hundreds of members across the globe
  • Access to 20+ hours of business development content, previous webinars, and courses
  • Member discounts on all events, courses, and conferences
  • Member badge for your About page on your website

Meet the Founder: Carrie Murray

And in conclusion…



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Lexie Smith

Lexie Smith

Named “Brilliant PR Experts Under 30” + “Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020” — PR Coach and Founder of THEPRBAR inc. | | @theprbar_inc